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3 tons of marijuana equipment dumped near Rifle

“That’s why people come to work for agencies like BLM,” Boyd said.

So they not only get upset when people leave trash behind, but say whoever used public land near Rifle as a dumping ground leaving a mountain of trash behind really stinks.

“It was a lot of work to clean it up, which means it was a lot of work for someone to dump it, and that’s one of the things that’s really frustrating about it,” Boyd said.

Last week, a BLM ranger on patrol found a plastic bag sticking up from a ravine. After investigating, the ranger discovered that bag was part of 3 tons of indoor marijuana growing equipment and supplies dumped 6 miles north of Rifle in Estes Gulch, just of ugg boots clearance f Colorado Highway 13.

“Potting soil, fertilizer bottles, venting pip ugg boots clearance es, foil and all kinds of things,” Boyd said.

The site had apparently been used ugg boots clearance other times during the past year as well.

Dressed in protective clothing, it took crews two days and five truck loads to clean the site and remove the 6,000 pounds of trash.

“We had our HAZMAT people out there and our ranger out there first, and then we brought out a HAZMAT contractor to help,” Boyd said.

“We are working with Garfield C ugg boots clearance ounty Crime Stoppers on this, so hopefully if folks call that number and they have information that leads to an arrest they could receive up to a $1,000,” Boyd said.