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3 Ways Nolan Ross Could Betray Emily Thorne

We’re worried about Nolan Ross. And not just because he’s spiraled into a deranged fit of Padma induced sads, w ugg boots clearance herein he spends his time scrawling notes to himself on windows and not popping his collar. Word on the street is that someone betrays Emily Thorne during Revenge’s season finale, which is all kinds of upsetting. In fact, we haven’t been this traumatized since Sammy the Dog took his dying breaths as Jack and Emily made out over his corpse.

We have no idea what would inspire Nolan to betray his main squeeze (other than t ugg boots clearance he fact that she failed to find Padma.), but we’ve rounded up 3 ways said betrayal could go down. And guys? Each is more bone chilling than the next. Clutch your red Sharpie, things are about to get real.

It’s only a matter of time before the truth about Emily’s identity comes out, but could Nolan let the cat out of the bag? There’s no denying that our favorite geek is slightly unhinged in the wake of Padma’s untimely doom, and he might accidentally drop a truth bomb during an ugly crying session. It’s also possible that Nolan will purposefully reveal Emily’s identity but betraying her trust in such a huge way is almost unthinkable!

2. He’s Victoria’s Son

Have you heard the news? Victoria has some random love child roaming around the streets of Montauk, and we have our eye on Nolan. We know nothing about Nolan’s past other than the fact that his dad was more than a little judgemental, but one thing’s for sure Nolan was raised by his aunt, which means his mom was out of the picture! Nolan’s about the right age to be Victoria’s son, and if he found out the truth, he might be inclined to join Team Grayson.

3. He Joins The Falcon

As far as we can tell, The Falcon is a sinister computer nerd who probably spends his free time LARPing and playing Magic the Gathering. In other words, he/she is Nolan’s sou ugg boots clearance lmate. Sure, these two are playing for different teams, but if they joined forces they’d be t ugg boots clearance he ultimate Geek Squad. Their nerd dom would be unstoppable, and the temptation might be too much for Nolan to resist!