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3 Ways Revenge’s Ashley Davenport Could Return to the Hamptons

Ashley Davenport is leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when she’ll be back again. This British bombshell made quite the name for herself in The Hamptons but she did the deed with one too many g ugg boots clearance ross middle aged men.

We know, we know girlfriend has issues, but don’t underestimate her. Ashley is an expert social climber, and we have a feeling she won’t be gone for long. In fact, we expect home girl to strut back into the Hamptons any moment now!

How ugg boots clearance amazing would it be if Ashley showed up at Daniel’s front door sporting a giant faux ugg boots clearance baby bump? Danny Boy would be forced to welcome Ash back into his life, and he’d probably set her up with a hefty sum of money to raise his love child. Now, you might think Daniel would question the pregnancy, but please. This is Daniel we’re talking about. Dude spent his college years scrap booking and writing “poems.”

2. She Could Team Up With Emily To Take Down The Graysons

Ashley and Emily go way back to ye olden times when they were Russian hookers (sigh, the good ol’ days), and there’s no denying that Ashley owes Em a ugg boots clearance solid. This gal doesn’t know that it was Emily who saved her from a life of prostitution, but Em could easily break the news and round up Ash as an ally. After all, Ashley is cunning with a side of devious, and would make a great member of Team Infinity.